Zaphne has been in development since the Fall 2014, and is groundbreaking in its functionality.

The software is the distillation of a complex proprietary process that allows individual WordPress authors and Super Users to enjoy a free installation or purchase a monthly subscription to a simple to use plugin that automates content creation, blog posts, web links and enhances search engine optimization.

J.R. Getches

Founder & CEO

J.R. started his professional career as Director of Data Processing for RJK Corporation, Virginia's largest private investment company.  Mr. Getches then moved to New York City where he was hired as a Senior Programmer/Analyst for Dow Jones developing their Foreign Currency and Precious Metals Trading Systems. 

After eight years in New York, J.R. accepted an offer in Los Angeles to be Director of Strategic Development for the publicly traded Recovery Network helping to create television programming for recovering alcoholics and drug abusers seen in fourteen million American homes. J.R. returned to the internet programming world as part of the launch team where he was again Senior Programmer. 

In 2004, J.R. moved back to the east coast to be closer to his family and became Webmaster of Motley Rice LLC, the world's largest plaintiff's law firm running all of their internet operations for five years.  Since then, he has been an internet consultant for many regional companies including The Post & Courier, Charleston Mercury, People Matter, and Green Wizard.

Josh Silverman

Chief Financial Officer

Josh has assisted entrepreneurs for over twenty-five years, working with startups and growth companies on business development, customer analytics, forming strategic partnerships, managing capital raises, and on innovation - all with an eye towards maximizing revenue.  He began his career selling raffle tickets for his football team door-to-door at age 9, and over the years has sold everything from gelato-by-the-scoop to enterprise level IT hardware and software.  Josh has managed, invested in, and exited from dozens of startups since 2006 and he currently serves as a mentor for the Start Co. incubator in Memphis, TN.

Morgan Malino

Chief Operating Officer

Morgan is Zaphne's Chief Operating Officer.  Previously, Morgan was General Counsel to both PureCars, which was purchased by Raycom Media for $125M and Unity Semiconductor,which was purchased by Rambus for $35M. Morgan also serves as General Counsel to Transitiv, a 2016 startup that developed a buy-side programmatic advertising platform and is a Partner with Trend Discovery Capital Management, a hedge fund based in Charleston, South Carolina, Morgan is a registered patent attorney, giving him a unique perspective on intellectual property strategy and portfolio development.

Jerry Nairne

Risk Management Specialist

After spending seven years as a manager at two Fortune 500 companies, Jerry left the corporate world to become an entrepreneur. With a diverse background, which included having become licensed as a CPA and attorney, he found himself uniquely prepared for the wide range of issues he would face as the owner and operator of six service-based businesses.

His latest and most successful venture involved a group of three related risk management service companies where he oversaw consulting services to client organizations with self-insured retentions ranging from $5M per event to $100M in aggregate. In this  role, his personal consulting focused on data analysis and strategic planning. In addition, he was the primary innovation leader for all three of these organizations.

Jerry sold his interests in these three companies in 2015 and has spent much of the time since mentoring entrepreneurs (both privately and through the entrepreneurship programs at a local university) and exploring the world of angel investing.  Jerry also competes in Ernest Hemingway lookalike contests.

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Contact Us

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