Automation News for August 04 2017

Stagelight Tips and Tricks | Automation

In this installment of Tips and tricks we cover working with pattern and track automation.

Fine Line Automation

We have a full line of complete CNC Router kits and our new Saturn Series machines that are built for performance and durability. Want to design a custom machine? We have a full line of components for building your own CNC machine. Our Benchtop CNC line features smaller CNC machines that can fit in any workspace or garage. Making money with the machine? Want to eek out every single ounce of performance you can get from the machine? Our NEMA 34 Electronics are designed for you, the most demanding user. Still a little weary of getting a machine that has to be put together? Each machine has full pictorial and video instructions for assembly.

Automation Dynamics, Inc.

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Automation Testing Services Providing Company

We help you design and implement an automated testing strategy for your organization and ensure that there is an operational plan in place to maintain it. Test scripts developed stay the property of clients and we provide guidance to enhance them when needed. We have extensive experience in Education, Retail, Government and Media verticals. We have also helped many of our Fortune 1000 clients with software automation testing script development.

Creative Automation: Engineering, Manufacturing, Installation and Integration of Automated Material Handling and Processing Machinery for the Woodworking and Related Industries.

For those seeking the finest in automated material handling and processing equipment for woodworking and related industries… welcome to Creative Automation! For four decades, our customers have repeatedly found in us a strategic engineering and manufacturing partner for their processing and material handling needs, helping to maximize production efficiencies with both short and long-term solutions to wood product manufacturing challenges. You will find a host of machinery and production lines for producing products such as kitchen and bath cabinets, flooring, countertops, doors, furniture, millwork, housing and other industries.