Automation News for August 09 2017

Odin Automation Premium


FF-Automation has designed and manufactured remote terminal units and programmable logic controllers since 1976. Almost four decades of continuous product development and close co-operation with our customers and partners can be seen in the reliability and usability of our products. The AutoLog RTU- & GSM-RTU controller product families are very competitive in its pricing and technical features. In recent years, product development has been focused on the remote usability and maintenance of our GSM-RTU products. FF-Automation also designs and manufactureres OEM automation solutions for special machine and application builders.

Rockwell Automation

Yes, for a period, Rockwell Automation will continue to ship physical media for all software orders in addition to making products available for download. In the future, physical media may become an option that can be specified on your order. “End User License Agreement” is required to download any of Rockwell Automation products. Use managed downloads, a third party download manager, or reference Answer ID 603590 in the Rockwell Automation knowledge base for instructions on how to use the free WGet utility to automate direct downloads. Customers who wish to keep all of their product images stored in the same location can build a library of Rockwell Automation software products over time by downloading to the same location. Rockwell Automation download images are stored on a global high-speed network of servers.

Laboratory Automation Community

This social network aims to connect professionals with companies and organizations in the sector of laboratory automation. We share the collective goal of accelerating research and development in laboratories around the globe. LabAutomations is a space for us to share valuable data and news, thus enabling better decision-making, cost reduction, and sustainable development.

Ram Automation

Ram Automation can fully source all the parts fabrication required in your project by utilizing our sister company, a precision CNC Machine Shop. With capabilities such as Milling, Lathe work, Grinding, Honing, Sawing, and more, we can make sure all parts required are machined on time and to our strict design specifications. For more details, visit our sister company’s website to learn about its full capabilities and to get your quote for machining work today.