Technology News for August 19 2017

Aliens/Military Have Traded YOU For Technology!

Did you know Aliens have traded technology to the military in exchange for you. The guest says aliens and the military work together.

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Technologist – the FindLaw legal technology blog – features the latest legal technology news and developments for attorneys and legal professionals

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The Technology International Group is comprised of three companies: Technology International Ltd, with headquarters in the UK, Technology International Inc, located in Virginia, USA, providing services to the North and South American Markets and Technology International Ltd, located in Tokyo, supporting the Asia and Australasian Markets. The Group is dedicated to providing specialist, regulatory compliance and approvals support to customers worldwide. We are affiliate members of SEMI and are qualified in carrying out independent third party evaluations to the requirements of the SEMI S-Guidelines. Our global team of highly qualified professional consultants supports a wide range of industry sectors including, amongst others, Energy, Information Technology, Industrial Machinery Manufacturing and Transportation. For more details, and to contact us, please click on the relevant location above.

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Credit Suisse Technology, Media, & Telecom Conference. Scottsdale, AZ. Nov 27-Dec 1